import gmt

# Load sample earthquake data in a pandas.DataFrame
quakes = gmt.datasets.load_usgs_quakes()

# Load the builtin Earth relief grid as an xarray.DataArray.
relief = gmt.datasets.load_earth_relief(resolution="30m")

# The Figure object controls all plotting functions
fig = gmt.Figure()
# Setup a map with a global region, a Mollweide projection, and automatic ticks
fig.basemap(region="g", projection="W200/8i", frame=True)
# Plot the Earth relief grid in pseudo-color.
fig.grdimage(relief, cmap="geo")
# Plot earthquakes as circles. Size maps to magnitude and color to depth.
fig.plot(x=quakes.longitude, y=quakes.latitude, sizes=0.01*2**quakes.mag,
         color=quakes.depth/quakes.depth.max(), cmap="viridis", style="cc")
# Show a preview of the image (inline if in a Jupyter notebook).


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